Bringing all-inclusive play into focus!


Helping to create a new normal for our kids and our community: a normal that doesn’t draw attention to differences but makes it ordinary to interact and play with people of varying ages and abilities.  

Changing the way our future citizens and leaders identify people with special needs.  Kids are blind to differences until they are pointed out or put in situations that divide them.  We want to erase the dividing line and allow kids to grow up only knowing that everyone can be a part of all things.  

Allowing kids to create games and rules for play that involve everyone because everyone is there and no one is unable to get into the fun. 

Becoming a part of a movement that is bigger than Wabash.  Communities across the state, the nation, and the globe are recognizing the importance of inclusion and are building playgrounds to meet this new standard.  

Influencing the character of the individuals who play on this playground.  Finally getting a chance to interact with others whose abilities differ from their own, kids will develop a compassion and understanding they may not have otherwise developed.  Someday, the kids playing today will have children of their own who they will raise to know what they have learned from this play experience.  This is where our new culture and new normal is created and lives on. 

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What makes this playground different?

  • Solid rubberized surfacing

  • Hillside play

  • It’s not obvious who can go where


Why is the playground located downtown?

Who will pay for repairs when the time comes?

Wabash’s Inclusive Playground is a Stellar Communities Project, which required a downtown location.  The committee is thrilled with the location, as it repurposes the site of an old factory, is close to the YMCA and the Honeywell Center as well as to other downtown businesses. The project area is just under 2 acres and the specific playground area is 36,900 Sq Ft or 0.84 acres.

Who will maintain the playground?

Will Wabash’s Inclusive Playground be safe?

The playground hours will be the same as all other city parks (7am – 11pm), and there will be lights on both the pavilion and restroom facilities.  Given the downtown location next to the YMCA on a well-traveled road, there shouldn’t be concerns for safety like in more secluded spaces.

The City of Wabash will own and maintain the playground.  The Parks Department has plans to lock/unlock the restroom facility, mow, empty trash, and conduct general maintenance as needed.

The playground committee has started the  conversation with the Community Foundation of Wabash County to setup an endowment to sustain the playground when equipment, surfacing, etc. would need to be replaced after their warranties expire. 

Will smoking be allowed?

Current code prevents smoking within 50 feet of a play structure.  Signs will be posted on site with this information.

More Play

"Inclusive play benefits all children, regardless of ability: It helps them develop a true and nuanced understanding of the world, to appreciate the differences between people and recognize the similarities that underlie them, to be tolerant of diversity and to accept others’ perspectives."
Group Swing
Group Spinner
Hill Slide
Roller Slide


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The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.

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