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Shelly Meyers

Tenille Zartman

Kimberly Lundmark

Pat Plummer

Kristy Church

Adam Hall

Keith Gillenwater

Mitch Figert

Ashten Warren

Justin Herrmann

Brandon Bart

Katy McClure

Rachel Swanson

Patty Grant

Bryan Dillion

Scott Long

Beth Miller

We are building this so people of all ages and abilities can be involved in all aspects of play and get the benefits of not just play, but those that come from interacting with others. 

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"Inclusive play benefits all children, regardless of ability: It helps them develop a true and nuanced understanding of the world, to appreciate the differences between people and recognize the similarities that underlie them, to be tolerant of diversity and to accept others’ perspectives."



The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.

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